Sunday, May 25, 2008

oregon next weekend!

I'm Oregon bound Thursday morning through monday night. Coffee will be drank, strolls will be taken, hugs will be everywhere, and my  suitcase will come home stuffed with Juanita's Corn Chips!

I hope to have coffee with all these faces and more. A visit to the new animal reserve near The Dalles is in order to see my most favorite animal of all, giraffes! A stop in for a hand painted cookie is a must at the new  La Petite Provence bakery. I'll spend a day soaking up the lovely Apple Green Shop with my sister paying my tab for the delicious candle and tableware she's got me hooked on! Of course the two biggest events will be seeing top of the class miss Isabella's ballet performance Saturday night and then an after party thrown by super astronaut robot fireman Daniel in my honor. Cupcakes and hide and seek have been promised and I'm holding him to it!!!

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Streetlight TV said...

I wish I could be there! Everyone I know is in Oregon right now. You, Randy, Berkman...I am all alone!!! Tell everyone I love them.