Tuesday, August 3, 2010

my cinema engagement

On a Friday night this past June my sweetheart Manny took me to a movie. We went to a six o'clock showing of A-Team but before the feature started something else came on the big screen. He nudged me and whispered  "I forgot to tell you, I made you something..." and then this came on.

HWY 9: A Story About Love from Manny Marquez on Vimeo.

He got down on one knee with that ring and I said/cried/shrieked "YES!", the crowd of around twenty in the theater and also the whole theater staff were there clapping and congratulating us. Obviously we didn't stay for the show, there was celebrating and phone calls to make! We walked a couple blocks from the theater to Manny's office where he had gathered all my family and our friends for a surprise engagement party complete with champagne and sweets. We showed the film again, and there wasn't a dry eye left in the place. Thank you Skylight Theater and Jeweler on The Roof it was movie magic!