Tuesday, July 27, 2010

giraffe love

My love of giraffes has been steadfast since my first stuffed animal, a giraffe named Geraldine.When I saw this DirecTV "Opulence, I has it" spot I got all giggly inside, and also jealous, not for the gold bars but for the pygmy giraffe!

It also reminds me of my dream vacation to the Giraffe Manor  in Nairobi.

and my go to baby shower gift, Sophie the Giraffe

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Umbrellas of Seattle

Alicante, Spain - via (Placidiappunti)

It's almost the hottest month the northwest ever sees and I'm yearning for a day of rain to come. Any excuse to purchase a cheerful umbrella from this lovely Seattle bumbershoot connoisseur. Which one will I choose... 

This could go with everything...

but this just might brighten even the worst rainy nw day! 

View the pare*umbrella site to see more amazing rain shelters. Style and fabric designs change every season and are all produced in limited editions so get them while it's hot!

re: my blogs neglect

Dearest Blog,

  I'm so sorry for my failure to update on all the changes and beautiful things happening in my life. I have since moved to my hometown, said yes to the sweetest marriage proposal ever (story coming soon!!!), said goodbye to my cherished laptop, quit my day job, and the animal children have grown. I hope to have more time to post. Things are well, I'm full of good news and lovely things to post.

cheers, loveleigh!